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Thursday , October , 28 2021
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There are many Associations in our industry, and it is hard to know which Association is best for you, and why it would make sense to join one.

Where does FESPA Australia fit in all of this? Firstly we are an association that is the best fit for companies who have specialty printing as part of their services. Specialty printing embraces technologies and products such as wide-format digital printing, display, vehicle wrapping, soft signage printing, apparel and industrial printing. 

FESPA Australia is unique in its global connections, and we connect you to a world of opportunity. Your best sources of innovation and your future competitive edge will often come from trends, technologies and materials that emerge outside our country first. We are one of 37 national associations that work together as part of FESPA (Europe). We give you access to a tremendous amount of research, technical papers and contacts that allow you to get to the market first and sustain your future. We also give you direct access to technology resources and developments in the USA and ASIA through our affiliations with SGIA (the leading US based association) and Asian Associations. For example, If you care about sustainability, then we have the resources immediately at hand to start your journey. 

We make it easier for you to build lifelong friendships with other people in the industry through tradeshows, conferences, social and networking events. 

We work closely with other Associations such as Australia Sign and Graphics Association (ASGA) to unify the industry and make it possible for you to access the best that each Association can offer. With our reciprocal membership agreement with ASGA you can join us for half the normal cost and get the best offered by both Associations. 

Finally, Associations perform an essential role in making our industry more sustainable for all of us, not just members, by tackling the government and stakeholders on issues that affect us all. We would like you to become one of us so give us a call on 0419 673 265 or contact our membership officer, Jane Docherty on

Who are our members?

As the boundaries between traditional industries are blurred by developments in technology, more and more companies are adding value to their product offering through speciality printing. 

FESPA Australia furthers the interests of those who use printing for:

      • Signage 
      • Point of Sale Displays
      • Industrial printing
      • Decoration of promotional items
      • Garment and textile printers
      • Decals and labelling

As well as the suppliers and educators of these manufacturers, our members use a variety of specialty printing methods, digital printing, screen printing, pad printing and 3D printing. Whether you are an established company or new to printing, our aim is to provide you with the tools, advice and information you need to grow your brand and succeed in business. Find out more....